Welcome to Contender Claims, your top choice when it comes to receiving a proper settlement of your claim. With more than fifteen years of experience on our side, we know that properly evaluating both your policy and the details of your loss is essential to receiving the best possible outcome. The good news is, our public adjuster staff in South Florida is fully equipped to effectively negotiate your claim with your insurance company — regardless of the length and difficulty of the insurance claim process. After all, each member of the Contender Claims team is passionate about serving our clients and getting them the best results we can.


  • Assess the damage to your property and assigns a value to it
  • Gathers relevant information, such as police reports
  • Consults with specialists, such as lawyers, engineers, and physicians
  • Handles the claim process for you with your insurance company
  • Advocates on your behalf
  • Follows through on the claim process
  • Negotiates the value of the damaged property with your insurance company for the final settlement payment

Insurance companies are well-aware of our name, and they also know that we understand the true value of your claim. Contender Claims Consultants in South Florida have the resources and the means to wait for a fair settlement. We work closely with you and the insurance company. Our reputation precedes us, meaning the insurance companies and our clients both know we will not back down. We are proud of our standards, but not nearly as proud as we are of our results.

Allow us to stand up for you and your property. Whether you are struggling with a business loss or a fire that caused significant damage in your home, we are the public adjuster team to call. Get in touch with our professionals today to learn more about our claims adjuster services in South Florida, as well as what you can expect from our process. We look forward to assessing your case and seeing what we can do for you.