Living in the beautiful state of Florida, you will undoubtedly experience a hurricane at some point in your life. Since every hurricane is different, it’s hard to predict exactly what to do when one does decide to roll through Naples. However, in general, there are ways to be prepared.

Contender Claims Consultants is a Naples public adjuster company that specializes in helping people with their insurance claims, including with hurricane damage claims. We can help you maximize the amount of money you are owed for damages from the insurance company. We represent you, and we can help you get compensation for more than the physical damages done to your property. Below, we’ll take a look at some general guidelines you can do in the event of a hurricane in Naples. Contact us today for hurricane claims consulting in Florida!


Have a Plan

Everyone in your family should know what the plan is in case of a hurricane. You will need to agree on a place to meet in case you are all separated, and you should know if you are staying home, leaving town, or going to an emergency shelter. By discussing the plan ahead of time, Contender Claims Consultants notes that you will take some of the initial panic out of the equation when a hurricane is looming.

Have Vital Supplies On Hand

You don’t need to be a survivalist in order to be prepared in case a hurricane hits, power is lost, and there is no way to buy food and water. Having a few weeks of dried food and water is the best way to be prepared. Also, you should have a first-aid kit and a kit of emergency supplies, which should include batteries, flashlights, garbage bags, a whistle, a compass, a mirror, a basic tool kit, a can opener, cutlery, and more. Any medications should be stockpiled as well. When word reaches Naples that a hurricane is coming to town, these will be the first items to disappear off store shelves, so get yours today.

Fill Your Gas Tanks

You’ve probably seen stories on the news about the gas lines and shortages after a hurricane hits. Prevent this by keeping your gas tanks full. Having extra gas on-hand in gas cans is a great idea as well.

Buy a Generator

While generators are not cheap, they can be life saving in the event of an emergency. They can provide vital power you need to run space heaters, cook food, and provide basic power for showers, water pumps, and more. You will need to have extra gas for your generator as well.


Nature is unpredictable, and when a hurricane strikes, you will need a strong advocate by your side to fight the insurance company to get what you deserve. Contender Claims Consultants in Naples can help you get just compensation. We work for you as your advocate, helping you to file your claim and negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf. Our expert insurance claims adjusters have years of experience in helping with hurricane, storm damage, or other types of natural disaster damage, such as wind damage. When you partner with us, you can rest easy that your insurance claim will be in good hands. If you are looking for hurricane or tropical storm claims consulting in Florida, contact us today to get started!