Filing A Business Loss Claim 

When you depend on your business for your livelihood, having it sustain damage or otherwise be interrupted can be devastating. This is why most business owners have business insurance that should cover them in times of need.

Unfortunately, when an incident happens such as a fire or flood, they often find that their insurance isn’t covering as much of the loss as they were expected to. For that reason, it can be beneficial to work with an experienced public adjuster when filing your claim, or if your claim has been denied. 

Business loss coverage typically refers to damage that prevents you from conducting business, and can also include coverage for lost inventory or lost income that accrues while making repairs to the business. If you are experiencing business loss due to a covered peril, we can help. 

The Role Of A Public Adjuster In Business Loss Claims

Public adjusters in Florida handle a lot of complicated insurance claims, especially when it comes to business loss. Often, these cases are not straightforward and a lot of research and negotiation goes into reaching a settlement with the insurance company. 

Business interruption coverage should pay for physical repairs needed after a covered peril, loss of revenue during repairs, employee wages if applicable, and also any lasting business loss associated with the temporary shut down. However, often insurance companies will not pay for all of the above. That’s where a public adjuster can come in, assess the loss, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. 

Call A South Florida Public Adjuster Today

At Contender Claims Consultants, we have a team of South Florida public adjusters in Miami, Tampa, and the surrounding areas who can help you with your business interruption insurance claim. 

If you are in need of a public adjuster in Miami, Tampa, or other areas in South Florida, make sure to get in touch with Contender Claim Consultants to discuss your case. 

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