Storm Damage Claims In Florida

Our south Florida public adjusters have seen their fair share of hurricane and storm damage. From minor flooding to homes that are completely destroyed, residents of our area know how detrimental storms can be. That’s why many of them pay extra money each year to protect their property from certain perils: hurricanes, tropical storms, wind, and floods. 

However, many homeowners are blindsided when they file a claim under their hurricane or flood insurance and find out that the offered settlement is nowhere near what they deserve. 

When your insurance company lowballs you for a covered peril, a public adjuster for hurricane claims can help. 

How Our South Florida Public Adjusters Can Help

A public adjuster works as your advocate and can handle all of the logistics of filing a claim with the insurance company and fighting for the greatest amount of compensation possible. A claims specialist is an expert in the insurance industry and understands your policy and how the insurance companies work. They can provide unwavering support for you during this difficult time and utilize their experience to get you the money you are covered for. 

While you are recovering from the storm damage and trying to find a way to get back to normal, an insurance adjuster is handling your claim for you, going back and forth with the insurance company on your behalf. 

Call A Hurricane Public Adjuster As Soon As Possible

When dealing with a hurricane insurance claim in Florida, it is best to involve a public adjuster from the very beginning. However, if you have already been offered your settlement, it is certainly not too late to give us a call. 

As an insurance policyholder, you have certain rights and entitlements to compensation. When the insurance company tries to step on those rights, a public adjuster can step in and help. 

Get in touch with the team of public adjusters in Florida at Contender Claims to start working on your hurricane or storm damage claim. 

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