Mold Damage To Your Home Or Property

Mold can be caused by a number of issues ranging from a burst pipe to a leak from an appliance to a flood to a faulty HVAC system. While it was once common for homeowners’ insurance to cover all forms of mold damage, recently they have been more and more reluctant to compensate policyholders for mold problems, even if it was caused by a covered peril. 

The cause of mold is often difficult to pin down. This can lead to insurance companies flat-out denying your claim. You may also not notice mold for years after a flood or other covered peril causes it. Not only can this lead to property damage, but it can also lead to long-lasting health concerns as well as the need to find a temporary housing solution. 

Many Florida residents have experienced issues with mold in their homes or commercial buildings. This is due to our warm and humid climate which can cause mold to thrive even without what would be considered water or flood damage. 

When To Call A Public Adjuster In Florida

If you notice or suspect a mold issue on your property that you believe should be covered fully by insurance, give Contender Claims a call. You can also call us if you have already reached a settlement with your insurance company and they are denying you the coverage you are entitled to. 

A public adjuster in Florida can help handle your mold damage insurance claim and work on your behalf to fight for the maximum compensation. They are skilled negotiators and have a deep and thorough knowledge of the insurance industry which allows them to look for areas of compensation potential in your policy and fight back against lowball offers from the insurance company. 

We’re The Insurance Claims Specialists So You Don’t Have To Be

The reason many Floridians accept unjust settlements from their insurance companies is that they don’t know how much they are truly entitled to and the insurance company doesn’t expect any pushback. By working with a public adjuster like those at Contender Claims, you can potentially receive a much larger settlement by having an insurance claims specialist on your side. 

Get in touch today to speak with our team about your mold insurance claim. 

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