Water Damage And Insurance Claims In South Florida

Insurance companies love receiving water damage claims. Why? Because oftentimes, they can convince homeowners that the water damage isn’t actually covered under their insurance policy. Water is tricky in the world of insurance. Depending on its source — whether it is from a burst pipe, an appliance, a hole in your roof, or a flood — it may or may not be covered under your standard homeowners’ or property insurance. 

Determining The Source Of Water Damage

A private adjuster that an insurance company sends out to inspect your property after you file a water damage claim often has the interests of the insurance company in mind, rather than yours. This means that they may not try very hard to find the true cause of water damage or they might claim that the damage is due to an uncovered peril. 

At Contender Claims, our public adjusters in Florida work for you. We always have your best interests in mind and work on your behalf to get you the compensation you are truly entitled to. 

Our team of experienced water claim adjusters understand the ins and outs of the insurance agency and can analyze your policy to find a potential for further compensation. 

And while the insurance company might only cover property damage, our team can look for compensation for other things including loss of business if you are in a commercial property, relocation costs if you have been forced out of your home, and more. They can even try to earn you compensation for mold contamination that results from water damage after an initial claim is filed. 

Call Our Public Adjusters For Water Damage Today

Our Florida public adjusters have plenty of experience dealing with water damage insurance claims. They understand when policyholders are being lowballed or treated unfairly and can work on your behalf for a better outcome. 

It is best to get a public adjuster involved as early as possible after water has damaged your home. However, you can call us at any point in the claims process, even after a settlement is reached. Get in touch today for more information.

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